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The benefits of high pay-off activities

The activities that deliver 80% of your results are known as high-payoff activities. Typically, people spend 20% of their time on these as they are often more complex and time-consuming tasks, but it is these activities that will help you manage tasks effectively, achieve your sales targets and ultimately propel your business forward.

By identifying the high-payoff activities in your sales process, you can better understand where you should be focusing your energy. Are you spending time strengthening the quality of prospects in your pipeline so that you can covert sales quicker? Are you giving enough attention to your current clients and finding opportunities to upsell and cross sell valuable products or services? These are examples of high-payoff activities you should be focusing on.  

Once identified, make these activities common knowledge. This allows your team to be accountable for how they focus their time and energy too. Section out your day into time slots, and complete top priority tasks first. Outlining where your time should be spent and estimating time frames also allows you to track bottle necks within your sales process.

Are you and your team spending too much time on activities which are not contributing to increasing your sales? You don’t want to waste time doing the tasks that could be outsourced (and that someone else could do better). Outsourcing tasks such as preparing presentations and documents will free up your time to focus on activities like pitching and presenting. 

Remember, your focus can shift with time. It’s important to make time to review your sales process and make sure you’re still focusing your energy on the activities that are best for growing your business. This will also allow you to clearly identify areas where additional resource or support is needed. 

If you need help identifying your high-payoff activities and improving your sales process, contact us. Our team is here to help make your sales more successful. 

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