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Coaching & Training

Coaching & Training

Sales Academy

Duration: 6-12 months 

Ready to master sales and drive growth? 

Achieve sales excellence with our transformation program. Forecast with precision and ensure consistent sales growth.  

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Mature businessman mentor leader talking with managers at meeting in board room.

Coaching & Training

Sales Leader Mentoring

(by invitation & qualification only) 

If you are an Owner/Entrepreneur, CRO or Senior VP of Sales and responsible for leading other sales managers, you may qualify to apply for our Sales Leader Mentorship Program.  

This is a bespoke program, directly with a Director of Emerse. This program comprises of bi-monthly coaching calls and focusses on leadership accountability for a sales function.  

Approved candidates are supported both strategically & tactically and the program has a minimum duration of 6-mths. 

Coaching & Training

Sales Manager Mentoring

Are you sales managers getting the most out of your sales team?  

Struggling with coaching, accountability, motivation, recruitment, inconsistent performance across the team? 

Emerse’s award-winning 16-week program has been proven to reduce the experience curve for a sales manager by as much as 30 – 36mths. 

This 17-module program starts with a baseline assessment, and progressed is then tracked on a month-by-month basis. Participants receive bi-monthly coaching, plus email support.  

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Two young diverse coworkers analyzing sales report while working together in the office

Coaching & Training

Bespoke Coaching Programs to Upskill your Team

To really make an impact, we advocate for moving away from off-the-shelf training modules, because your salespeople are not all the same!  

Emerse uses sales talent assessments, so that we can tailor our approach for your team.  

Our 12-week programs are designed specifically for your team and based on their individually identified needs. 

Coaching & Training

Live Deal Gap Analysis

Want to consistently nail those “must-win” deals? 

Our analysis zeroes in on crucial deal-winning indicators for your industry. We’ll train your team to strategize effectively, ensuring consistent approaches and tracking from start to finish. Learn to seal the deal every time. 


  • Monthly 60-min live deal reviews. 
  • In-depth individual coaching. 
  • Collaborative mastermind groups. 
  • Ownership of sales targets. 
  • Role Practice™ 

Ready to close more deals? 

Coaching & Training

Sales System 2.0

For companies that want to combine performance coaching with a system of accountability and strategic planning, Emerse offers a tried and tested approach called Sales System 2.0.  

We will teach your team how to use our proprietary UNPACC system for streamlining effective accountability and implement the communication rhythm you need for ongoing performance coaching.  

 Sales Managers find this system empowering and for smaller teams, who do not yet have a dedicated sales manager, Sales System 2.0 offers a robust system for aiding in the management of the sales talent. 

Coaching & Training

Presentation & Pitch Skills Program

Do you need to make effective presentations to prospects or clients?   

Are there multiple team members involved in pitching your product or service?

Typical challenges addressed 

  • Varying levels of team presentation skills 
  • Falling win-rate at final pitch 
  • Nerves impacting performance 
  • Great solutions not being perfectly articulated 

 What is it? 

  • 6 module presentation skills program 
  • Broad mix of “public speaking” skills developed e.g. impromptu speaking, prepared speaking  
  • Multi-modal learning – practical, masterclass, group, one-on-one, teamwork & individual 

Master the skills and techniques of master communicators. 

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