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Analysis + Blueprinting

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Analysis + Blueprinting

Pipeline Modelling + KPI Dashboards

Do you know exactly what sales success looks like over 3-5 years?

Most businesses have a high-level one to three revenue projection but haven’t modelled ‘what-if’ scenarios for overall pipeline.

Details such as: What is the required sales mix; routes to market; lead generation options; new vs repeat business; attrition rates; sales lag period; activity conversion rates at each stage of the pipeline; revenue per salesperson; per territory or product category; are often not planned or mapped out. As a result, the dashboards used to manage the sales function can be inadequate.

Performance management and sales accountability start with having a clear and detailed blueprint of what great looks like.

With this in place, you can extrapolate the daily, weekly, and monthly activities required of your sales team to ensure they’re building the right pipeline of opportunities.

Analysis + Blueprinting

Sales Talent Evaluations​

Why are some team members performing and others not?  

How much time, energy & capital would you be prepared to invest if you had a very high degree of certainty that your investment would yield the results you want? 

Emerse’s evaluation tool pinpoints exactly where your team shines or where they need support, and it has been voted #1 in the world for 12 years consecutively. 

  • Remove trial and error in training & coaching programs 
  • Focus on what actually moves the needle for your team 
  • Maximize developmental ROI 
  • Unearth hidden potential and identify limitations 
  • Make informed decisions, free from confirmation bias or blind spots 

Don’t guess—know. Understand your sales team with Emerse. 

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Analysis + Blueprinting

Sales Effectiveness & Improvement Analysis

  • Can your sales team achieve more? 
  • How much improvement is possible? 
  • What would it take to get there? 
  • How long would it take? 

Too often companies will undertake development programs without measurable answers to these 4 questions.  

That leads to poor expectation management and disappointment in the return on investment.  

Unlock predictable sales growth with 19 critical insights, from leadership impact to accurate forecasting. Dive into sales cycles, team assignments, and consistent value delivery. 

Our Experience: 

  • 2.4m sales professionals evaluated. 
  • 152 countries. 
  • 200 industries. 
  • 36,000+ companies. 

Analysis + Blueprinting

Sales Due Diligence

Are you confident in your investment’s true potential? 

Emerse specializes in Sales Due Diligence for Family Offices, Private Equity, and Venture Capital firms, tailored for both pre- and post-investment stages. We dive deep into talent quality, leadership, structure, and more. 

Make informed decisions during mergers, acquisitions, and investment rounds with our actionable data. 

We Answer 4 Key Questions: 

  • Can the sales leadership deliver on the business plan? 
  • Where are the growth opportunities? 
  • Is the company equipped with the processes and talent to reach its potential? 
  • What actions can we take in the first 100 days ensure success? 

Secure your investment’s future with us. 

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Analysis + Blueprinting

Audit of existing Sales Playbook & IP

Review of your existing systems, processes, and sales collateral against our master templates. We produce a report which highlights any areas of development between what you have and a top tier sales playbook.

Analysis + Blueprinting

Compensation Plan Review

Analysis of the compensation structure for salespeople + sales managers. Our multi-faceted approach recognizes that money isn’t the only motivator. A compensation plan that both attracts and keeps sales talent, must provide for different needs, including intrinsic and altruistic motivators. 

Our team will review your current compensation plans and then help you design a structure which emphasizes performance incentives and encourages longevity.