Master sales.
Guaranteed growth.
Predictable success.

A proven sales transformation programme
for complex B2B sales

We develop sales teams as if they are professional sports teams.

Because sports teams are run better than (most) sales teams. They’re disciplined, practice regularly, keep score and have dedicated coaches.

This isn’t sales training. This is sales transformation.

Teach your team to perform like world-class athletes; focused and well-practised with a winning mindset.

So, who are Emerse?

Find out who we are, what we do, and how we get results for our clients.

Sales Growth is our plug and play option We give you everything you need to transform your team; all you have to do is follow the programme. If you want to get your sales into shape, Sales Growth is tried and tested, but it’s up to you to make it happen. Want better results, faster? Sales Momentum is for you. Imagine you now have a personal trainer, to hold you to account, help you improve, and provide personalised support to get the most out of your team. If you’re ready to really ramp it up… and fully Emerse your team in the programme Sales Mastery is our full Emersion™ option. We’ll help you build a scalable sales playbook, create a bench of elite talent and get your team raring to compete at the next level.

“Emerse’s sales mastery programme has helped us double our sales win rate.”


“Emerse helped increase the number of qualified opportunities by 500% through optimising the sales process and refining sales messaging.”


“This programme increased the revenue in the business by over 100% in less than 3 years.”

Success Stories

David Murray

Founder – Managing Director, Echospace

“The team all feel more empowered, nearly immediately after one of the sessions.”

David Evans

Co-founder & Director of Project Management, ERA

“One of the biggest benefits to our business has been the level of efficiency that it’s brought to us.”

Sean Dooley

Director, REESA

“The Sales Momentum programme gives us access to what we need as and when we need it.”

Charlotte Toon

Co-founder & Director, TX

“The whole process was beautifully adapted for what we needed; we felt like we were super engaged the whole way through. In the world of zoom, not being able to do this face-to-face, Emerse went the extra mile.”

Avinash Doshi

Founder and Managing Director, Foam&Bubbles

“The experience with Emerse has been fantastic – it really has been impact-driven. I love the way that there’s a lot of preparation that the team puts in before our sessions.”

Benjamin Grave

Director, Dthree

“We’re getting ahead of the game early, which is giving us a much better position to win projects from.”

Vladimir Sarov

COO, Dynamica Labs

“It was really beneficial to talk to somebody else and see what benefits and what edge we have from an outsider perspective.”

Catherine Barratt

Managing Director, Furnitubes

“We would 100% recommend Emerse to other companies.”

Sean Irwin

Client Partnerships Director, IQUAD

“Before our engagement with Emerse, we were tagging in 2-3 face-to-face client meetings in a week, we’re now ramping up to 5 with the same number of sales reps.”

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Our Team

With a combined over 100 years of sales experience, our team have grown and sold businesses with immense success. They’ve also seen businesses fail. They’ve lived and learnt and will provide as much, or as little, hands on support as you need to succeed. The Emerse team will share their own, lived experiences to develop your team into elite sales team and transform your sales.


Founder and Principal


Engagement Director


Operations Manager

Tools and Resources

Assess, challenge and inspire your team with our phenomenal sales tools, and motivational media from the minds of top performers. You’re welcome.

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