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Why online sales training doesn’t work

You might be thinking ‘why should I sign up for an online programme, and pay a monthly subscription fee, when I can get videos on YouTube for free?’ 

In the same way that watching formula 1 won’t make you a racing driver and watching a football match won’t improve your ability to kick a ball around, watching sales videos without practice will not make you a better salesperson. Online sales programmes, on their own, do not work

What WILL improve sales skills is practice.  

Immersing yourself in the experience and practicing what you’ve seen will help you anchor what you’ve learnt. That’s why our Sales Transformation Programme works. As well as video content, we’ve created tools and resources for your sales team to use, to practice and reinforce their skills. Our weekly coaching sessions are a further opportunity to practice the techniques, as well as share experiences and learn from our team and other sales professionals. 

Give it a go: trial 3 of our key modules for free. The trial includes access to tools, resources, online content, and our weekly coaching sessions.