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Partner with Emerse Sales

At Emerse, we partner with Scaling Up Coaches, Action Coaches, EOS Implementers, Independent Growth Consultants, Executive Coaches, Leadership Development Experts, Private Equity Firms, Business Brokers and other experts in their respective fields.

“If your clients need to go narrow and deep on sales, then Emerse is the first and only place I would suggest you send them.”

What do we all have in common?

We help companies grow their sales, fast, profitably and predictably.

Seeing these sales challenges
with your clients?

They can’t find or hire great sales talent

They aren’t sure if they have the right salespeople in their team

They have a lack of or underperforming sales management

They lack sales predictability

Their sales performance isn’t consistent

and see how Emerse can partner with you to help your clients

Emerse Sales

If your clients are specifically looking to

  • Build a high-performing sales team
  • Scale their existing sales team
  • Hire a sales manager or leader to set them free from
    managing sales
  • Fix their underperforming sales management

Then let’s chat and see how we can partner with you to
help solve your client’s sales problems.

“Referring Emerse to our clients was one of the best decisions I’ve made”

Emerse was founded in 2017 by Morné Smit.

Morné is a sales leader with over 20 years of experience in running high-performance sales teams.

The team he has assembled at Emerse leads sales development and coaching programs for businesses in 25+ industries across 3 continents.

In 2022, Morné was named as the successor for internationally renowned speaker & author Jack Daly, and now travels the world speaking on the topics of sales culture, sales management and driving sales excellence through leveraging sales playbooks.

Where should we start?

At Emerse we offer our clients a number of products and training programmes, however, we believe in giving value before asking for anything in return.

For this, we’ve developed a Sales Function Scorecard which benchmarks a company’s sales function on 70 different variables across sales management, strategy & structure and process & execution.

The outcome highlights all sales issues along with actionable next steps. The cost to a direct client is US$650, but for companies referred by our partners, we do this as a free value-add.

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