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Sales Playbooks

Ever noticed how sports teams are better run that most businesses?

At Emerse, we approach sales the same way championship teams approach their sport: we build repeatable, scalable systems to win more deals, using well strategized playbooks. 

Starting a sales team or looking to supercharge an existing one? Discover best practices and capture them in a tailored sales playbook with one of our bespoke solutions. 

What if you could pack 6 weeks’ worth of consulting into just a couple days?

Sales Playbooks

Emersion Bootcamp & QuickStart Playbook

Evolve your sales function with a QuickStart playbook in just 3 days. 

Our Emersion™ Bootcamp is a dynamic 3-day in-person or 5-half-day virtual sprint, crafted to supercharge your sales journey.  

In this short time, you will: 

  • Learn how to populate your pipeline with ideal prospects. 
  • Craft compelling sales messages. 
  • Benchmark against top-tier sales functions. 
  • Amplify your best go-to-market strategies. 
  • Decode your customer’s buying journey. 
  • Streamline a foolproof sales process. 
  • Slash new sales rep ramp-up time by 60%. 
  • Design a high-impact 100-day sales growth plan. 

Conclude with a ready-to-launch QuickStart sales playbook, guided by your Emerse Coach. 

Ready for rapid transformation? Get in touch! 

Sales Playbooks

Mini Playbook for the Ultimate Outbound Sequence

A transformative, full day workshop designed to turn cold territories and lists into new business opportunities. 

Through this interactive day-long experience, you will learn the Emerse Outbound System which includes list building, crafting a powerful 10-point contact sequence & how to track and measure success.  

The session will provide you with the templates and guides you need to spark meaningful conversations, specific to your industry and drive conversions. 

 Stop wasting time with your reps repeating actions that don’t yield results and embrace a dynamic approach that engages your prospects in ways your competition will have never thought of. 

This ideal for companies looking to initially set-up an outbound team or those with an outbound function but believe there’s opportunity being left on the table. 

Sales Playbooks

Smart Prospecting Bootcamp

Transform your prospecting game in just one day! 

A 1-day Bootcamp, focused on the four core pillars of prospecting. Position your team in front of right fit prospects and deliver an unbeatable pitch.  

Your team will: 

  • Pinpoint perfect-fit prospects and enhance the quality of your pipeline. 
  • Tackle objections and frame offers for value, not cost. 
  • Skyrocket conversion rates 
  • Craft consistent, powerful messaging. 

Consider this bootcamp the essential first chapter of your Sales Playbook. 

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Sales Playbooks


Completed the Emersion™ Bootcamp and wondering what’s next? 

Enter Emersion™+. This program offers: 

  • Accountability and guidance for your growth journey. 
  • An Emerse Coach crafting a top-tier sales playbook. 
  • A clear path for playbook integration with your team. 

Leveraging insights from the Bootcamp and Emerse’s proven frameworks, we’ll help you establish a consistent winning system. With our coach by your side, ensure best practices are set and met by all. Ready to level up? 

Sales Playbooks

2-page Sales Playbook

Scale sales in just one day!  

This 1-day bootcamp focuses on strategic sales planning – we help you craft a winning strategy that encapsulates essential sales components. 

You’ll discover: 

  • Your primary revenue sources. 
  • Key markets to prioritize. 
  • The vital activities for success. 

This playbook offers clarity on short to long-term targets, ensuring a clear roadmap to your goals.  

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